Nineteen Eighty Five

by Team Fresh

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released September 18, 2011

Recorded by Team Fresh
Mastered by Ryan Mitchell
Artwork by Luke Godsun



all rights reserved


Team Fresh Belfast, UK

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Track Name: Nineteen Eighty Five
The clock strikes thirteen
we use the military clock
derelict developments
will make it like an eastern block
you don't use text speak?
it'll be subversive talk
everybody in the country's
turning into Gordon Comstock
for three weeks we scrape by
scrimp and almost starve
fourth week in
we're pure living it large
tonight dinner's on me
i'm buying everybodys round
brainwashed by the adverts
that seem to surround me,
around every corner
another day-glo sign
reminding me of all the things
that'll never be mine
from fine dining and wine
to two cars in the drive
i don't get it man because
i was brought up to survive
between Thatcher, angry crowds
the fear of mushroom clouds,
i guess i wear my hoody
as a pre-emptive shroud
i swear i've been here before
feels like when i was a kid
the factory has closed down
and the streets are un lit
the shops shelves half stocked
yet the prices still rise
and i can feel myself caught
in the cameras eyes

just like its 1985...

i feel myself caught
in the cameras eyes

back on the front page again?
sure i saw this as a kid
watching it on News at Ten,
is this a re-run?
nah its just part two
as we march to work in overalls
of uniformed blue,
drone planes drop bombs
conflicts are ongoing
tune in again
for the six o' clock showing,
kids trained for war
from playing Call of Duty 4
is pumping out the scores,
every time you score a head shot
or critical hit
you know the telescreen
is increasing the drip
the revolution will be televised
in thirty second bursts
advertisers prise my eyes open
like John Hurt's.
So someone put this down
for the future generations
cause everybody after us
will need an explanation
to why we talk in new speak
in abbreviation
worshipping the screen
was not the point of creation,
dont believe their lies
then stand there all surprised
when you feel yourselves caught
in the cameras eyes

just like its 1985...

i feel myself caught
in the cameras eyes

This is not a work of fiction
of the twenty-first century
so come with me
i'll show you all the
paint splattered cemeteries
beside the penitentiary
adjoined to the barracks,
they're rattling their sabres
picking up their drumsticks
and banners,
cos here comes Hate Week
which should be over soon enough
if you turn the other cheek
and don't raise your voice,
it's best not to be seen
so back inside and bow down
to your rented telescreen,
we still buy processed meals
and call it double-plus-real.
I remember city centre
when it had a ring of steel
and getting through the checkpoint
felt like entering hell
because it happened for real here
i remember it well;
it's fucking scary for a child
being feared for your life
only six and getting searched
for a suspect device.
it's scary for a child
being feared for your life
only six and getting searched
for a
"suss, suspect device"

Smith 6079 Smith
Smith 6079 Smith
Smith 6079 Smith
Smith 6079 Smith
Smith 6079 Smith
Smith 6079 Smith
Smith 6079 Smith
Smith 6079 Smith

"This is the way things are going at the present time.
In our world there will be no emotion except fear, rage, triumph and self abasement. The moral to be drawn from this dangerous, nightmare situation is a simple one.
Don't let it happen, It depends on you"
Track Name: Coming Up For Air
Listen up and check this
i'm gonna wreck this
sick annd tired and pissed
so someone throw up a fist
do i have to insist
you show me where to enlist?
because i've felt deaths kiss
and seen his bandaged wrists
stream of consciousness words
rewrote the rhymes that i heard
made them relevant to me
and rhymed them grinding on kerbs
my whole town was for sale
I fought Atlantic gales
like living on a sinking ship
but no ones ready to bail

Every one of us looking the answers
no ones taking the reins
tried singlething on the menu
short of searching for veins
sink deep and hit the bottom
before you know that you're there
when a day felt living straight
feels like you're coming up for air
outgrown that zone, man
knew that i had to leave
to grow something to new
it needs space to breathe
or I'd use to abuse
not refuse & infuse
grooves with fresh views
to lose is not what we chose

so take a look at yourself
you're busy ticking all the boxes
with your spoken word synopsis
pulling in the harbour
like a ship at the dock is
or hopping on the train
but can't tell where your stop is?
to how we've alreadty given this
a run for its money
yet you're the revisionist
and frivolous
with your onstage delivery
your rhymes need time
just like the Bushmills Distillery